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President debate did not have Obama show up!

October 4, 2012

The USA had 1st debate for president without Obama?

It is just not fair.  Why did we have the 1st debate for president without President Obama?  Romney did not monopolize the time allowed and seemed  to spend too much time affirming the importance of our constitution, freedom, and prosperity for citizens.  We wish Obama would have been there.  Somebody showed up instead that seemed lost like a babe in the woods.  We wanted to see the Nobel Peace Prize winning president that killed Osama Bin Laden, saved GM, and wants to tax the 1% into oblivion.  Romney did praise Obama on spending $90 billion dollars on green energy investments like Solyndra, so Obama was praised for his decisions. Where was that president?  Did Clint Eastwood empty chair show up instead?  It appears so.  Anyway, we hope Obama shows up the next debate.

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