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It’s a grand old flag that don’t need a political gimmick!

September 30, 2012

This looks like a kindergarten drawing but it was selected by Obama?

Our flag representing the United States of America has survived for over 200 years.  Disrespecting the emblem that has been preserved by many sacrificed lives, battles in war, and challenges by foreign barbarians is not acceptable.  I do not worship our flag, but I respect the many who gave of themselves to keep our country safe and free.  I respect the flag as much a part of our heritage as our constitution, and our history that we cherish as the best of our people.  We are not perfect, but we seek out the best in ourselves.  Anyhow, what is the nonsense about this campaign symbol?  It draws from the US flag obviously, but it clearly is not our flag.  So what the heck is the point of this thing?  The USA and the US flag are one and the same.  This campaign gimmick of Obama doesn’t make me mad.  It does make me wonder, what the heck is the point of confusing everyone?  Do you respect the US flag?  Do you see the US flag as needing improvement by some kindergarten style design?  Anyhow, I don’t like what Obama has done to our country, and what the world thinks of our country under Obama leadership.  I definitely don’t like his campaign kindergarten art.

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