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Hard-Times movie showcases USA spirit!

September 30, 2012

Can an old drifter in the Depression get ahead?

This movie captures the look and feel of the USA during the Depression.  An old drifter that might be considered over the hill and not worth a future chance, is the character “Chaney” that is Charles Bronson at his best.  He is not a tortured soul seeking sympathy or psycho-analysis.  He needs money, is tired of working hard for nickles at a garage, and decides to be a hobo and head out.  That is the spirit of the USA.  We want to do better, willing to move on to someplace new, and not willing to surrender to old age, a Depression, or being dictated on what he can and cannot do.  He hops off a box car pulling into New Orleans late at night down to his few bucks.  He sees a gamblers arranged fight includes kicking and wrestling nearby and latches onto a gambler to get him into the chance to win money.   Chaney is willing to bankroll his debut as an old hobo fighter.  You need to watch this movie.  No perfect hero or villain, but there are good guys and bad guys.Bronson in advanced years is still a fit physical specimen.  He never looked like a polished sophisticated type.  He always looked like and was a man of the street, who could blend into any crowd as an average blue-collar worker.  He also embodied the inner drive and edge of an individual who refused to conform to fit in.  He embodies the spirit of many people in our USA today.  We have been in hard times for too long, and too many families have been broken up by dads who cannot support their family, and moms who cannot face the daily stress of feeding and clothing their children.  Another outstanding film covering the struggles from the perspective of professional boxing is The Cinderella Man that is a true story.  Charles Bronson has become everyman and a lot of people can relate to being forced to make the best of a bleak period across the whole land.

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