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Hollywood epic DARK ZERO THIRTY celebrates Obama killing Osama.

September 24, 2012

Coming soon is ZERO DARK THIRTY telling about the not so secret mission of Obama.

In a move to calm the waters and reduce tensions in the Islamic community, our president Obama gave the green light to a Hollywood movie on the mission Obama authorized to get Osama Bin Laden.  As Biden succinctly summarized at the Democrat National Convention; “Osama is dead.  And GM is alive!”  (Somebody please buy a Chevy VOLT?!)  The Muslim community will see this movie as a gesture of building a bridge of good will between the USA and their culture.    Maybe Obama better authorize a few more bullets to be issued to our military just in case the movie is a flop with our Muslim terrorist movie fans.  I don’t really plan on watching the movie, but Hillary Clinton will start her apology video production ahead of the movie release.  Please fix her hair so she don’t look like a witch.

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