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The Whole World is Watching! Remember this protest chant?

September 22, 2012

Mr. Magoo may be better guide than our FEARLESS LEADER!

When the exuberant flower power protestors were full of themselves, they would chant “The whole world is watching!”  It presumed anybody cared about their protests, and it was playing to the television cameras with soldiers or police in front of the protestors.Now it seems our president seems to be ignoring the Islamic terrorist protests while burning our USA flags, killing our citizens, and endless television video of these protestors.  These protestors now expect our president to feel ashamed and contrite that we made these terrorists so upset.  Of course our president put the spotlight on his smiling face proclaiming all the Islamic terrorists that he killed with his drone kill list and the topper, how Obama killed Osama.  Now the protestors all claim to be avenging Osama Bin Laden.  So congratulations to our FEARLESS LEADER who inflamed the Islamic extremists by his bragging on killing terrorists into killing more of our citizens.  I wish we had Mr Magoo in office instead of Obama.  Okay, Magoo is a cartoon character, but so is Obama.

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