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Get me a bullet! Why can’t marines carry loaded weapons?

September 18, 2012

Barney FIfe not having a bullet was a great gag for a comedy. Why are our marines forced to keep weapons without bullets in embassy duty?

It was hysterical to see Barney Fife pleading with Sheriff Taylor that his latest assignment needs him to put his one bullet into his revolver!  The joke is great because we know Barney won’t shoot anyway or drop his gun, and he never faces any dire threat that actually needs deadly force. This is not a joke now.  President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton have created a crazy quilt titled “rules of engagement” to help our troops.  Do we  have the marine guards at embassies in dangerous areas carry their weapons for show only?They have to wait for Clinton or Obama to decide when they can protect themselves and the embassy with weapons!

We trust our military to give their lives to save and protect our freedom. We don’t trust them however, with a bullet?  We expect them to go crazy and shooting up everybody?  I don’t like the “rules of engagement” rules on telling soldiers when they can shoot and when they can’t shoot written by desk jockeys from a college think tank who only know XBox warfare experience.  I don’t like the nonsense of denying sufficient marines for protecting embassies.  I know our state department is helpless when Sudan refuses permission for us to add marines to our embassy!  Are you kidding?  Sudan is more concerned on good relations with terrorists who they fear, then the USA who they obviously figure Sudan can push around.  This joke isn’t funny.  Uncle Sam being pushed around by Sudan?  Really?  How many soldiers died in Afghanistan before they changed community organizer games for military?  Clienton and Obama make a deadly duo to issue rules of engagement for our military.

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