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Senator Durbin couldn’t find “God” and “Jerusalem” with both hands.

September 9, 2012

Durbin almost had his head explode when asked why Democrat platform removed “God” and “Jerusalem”!

During the Democrat convention, FOX NEWS interviewed Durbin.  It was hilarious to see him sweat!  He was asked why the Democrat platform removed “God” and “Jerusalem”?  Durbin wanted to make it seem that question was bigoted, hateful, and just plain nuts.  However, since he was sounding stupid (typical) and seemed clueless ( commonplace), Obama picked up the red phone.  Put “God” and “Jerusalem” back into the platform.  There was real animosity and loud complaints from the delegates in giving Obama political cover for his exposed ass.  We think he should cover his ass, please.  Anyway, Durbin is the smartest senator from Illinois and smarter than Obama. It is perfect example of DUMB AND DUMBER.

The convention was a fiasco.  Reporters hated being in flea bag motels in slums, and the throngs of thousands denied seeing Obama in the arena had wasted money and time to go there for nothing.  The news media were getting set for the arena and had to go back to the small box.  He can’t even organize a convention without phoning in last-minute changes, and pissing off his volunteers who got shut out too.

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