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Sacred Cow religions; secularism, atheism, culture of death

September 9, 2012

Cardinal Dolan is open to helping everyone. The anti church zealots seem ready to throw the first stone as if they are without fault.

It seemed very confusing to me watching the delegates at Charlotte, NC doing a voice vote on the Democrat platform for 2012 President.  They had to amend their platform to restore the word “God” somewhere in the thousands of pages of the platform.  This was a dividing issue among the delegates.  There were 3 attempts at voting in the word “God” and at each attempt the resounding “NAY” voices were heard.  Pontius Pilate released Barabas instead of Jesus from his doom.  It seems Obama was in a state of panic to be revealed as denouncing “God” and he telephoned that this platform brought back “God” as political cover, not because of conviction on principle.  So the mob that screamed out for “God” to be killed and free Barabas was ignored.  On the 3rd vote, it was proclaimed that “God” was back.  I didn’t know that God went anywhere.  I do know that if you shut out God from your heart and life, then you won’t be struck down by a bolt of lightning.  At the same time, is the most important religion to be supporting is elevating homosexual marriage to a sacred state?  Do women really believe that abortion is the only healthcare issue important to women?  Secularism is now the new official religion of the land.  It is the sacred cow that brings out howling zealots on the sanctity of ridiculing and denouncing any religion.  The fact that our country was born by pilgrims seeking religious freedom seems lost in our history classes.  They were willing to face death in a wilderness to improve their lot in life financially and to live their religion without persecution.

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