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How come Biden is kicked off stage by Bill Clinton?

September 5, 2012

Where are the balloons?  Where are the throngs of people in the Democrat National Conference?  Canceled using the football stadium that seats 70,000?  What is going on?  President Obama crew is demonstrating their total incompetence in everything they touch.

We know Bill Clinton loves spotlight and being center of attention.  Bill will get his ego stroked by a desperate Obama pleading for Bill to become the top gun Wednesday speaker.  By contrast Paul Ryan was given the stage the night before the top candidate’s night.

The new campaign slogan is not too catchy.  President Obama promises a new economy built to be last.  How great is the future by being last?  We know the plan executed so far has failed to make us last.  So Obama knows he can make it last!  Great?  Only Obama would promise to make it last.  No thanks.

President Obama promises to make our economy last! We don’t need any more hobo folk!

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