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We celebrate and honor labor in the USA

September 3, 2012

Every job helps keep our country going.

Today we are all grateful that a few more people have jobs to celebrate this Labor Day.  Labor Day is also a cause for shame for those who wish they had a job.  I was shocked to hear that 23 million wish they had a full-time job!  When monthly reductions in unemployment are reported, we don’t hear anything close to even 1 million jobs being created.  Look at North Dakota on the surge in jobs with oil and gas fields being developed.  Why, why, why are we dragging our feet on repeating this formula for jobs?  Why is it bad to lower our cost of heating, gasoline, and adding jobs?  We need more of us working.  Everyone can have a job in keeping our country growing.  I think we know government policies now are preventing us to grow like we can in North Dakota.

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