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Wisconsin outraged at White House brewery!

September 1, 2012

Wisconsin loves beer and has many local brews, just as in Germany.

With all of the problems in this country, we did not realize the White House put a priority on finding a new beer for Obama!  I endorse Leinekugel Honey Weiss and their seasonal Summer Shandy.  Anyhow, it seems a lot of time and money has been spent brewing beer for our president in the White House.  Well that don’t put any coins in the pockets of the Wisconsin breweries!  We know Obama won’t pay for any beer when he goes out drinking as a free loader.  Come on!  He won’t even let them buy beer at White House?  Maybe Obama could spend a little time to actually meet with his jobs council that he left hanging since January of this year?  Wisconsin does have beer.  Buy some at White House and get to working more and brewing less.  Obama can spend his free time brewing beer in 2013.  Sure his mother in law and his nagging wife Michelle won’t mind him brewing in their garage in Chicago.  He wastes trillions, but won’t buy beer from Wisconsin?  The cost of the home-brewed beer is probably $300 per bottle with budget he has for White House.

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