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Blowhard Biden cannot compete with hurricane?

August 26, 2012

The power of man is dwarfed by the smaller display of God’s might.

The plans men make can be changed quickly by just a slight sigh from our Creator.  The hurricane storm Isaac canceled  Biden’s role of disrupting the Republican convention.  Of course Biden overestimates his importance which is amazing for a Vice President that has less power than Obama’s mother in law. It amuses me to no end on the pretentious posturing of those claiming moral and intellectual superiority by their own proclamations of importance.  So now the media that planned on deserting the convention coverage face a quandary.  The summer reruns of Big Brother and other mindless drivel with no audience are more important than giving time on our nation’s duty to inform the public of news.  In any event, I laugh at the blood pressure of Biden rising at the lost opportunity to strut and make asinine pronouncements with great theatrical flourishes he fancies are impressive.

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