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“I didn’t build that!” Obama confesses

August 17, 2012

Energy development with wells fed from “fraccing oil/natural gas”

Confession is good for the soul.  It is evident that the oil and natural gas production surge in places like North Dakota is very healthy for our economy, our energy independence, and creating more jobs.  What is not evident, is the “me too” crowd piling on for taking credit for the risks undertaken 8 years ago to start the long process of getting permits, state applications, and the cost of years spending money until any return on investment.  Now that the wells are producing in North Dakota, everybody was behind this and supporting it according to Obama.  Really?  Come on!  It’s time to tell us the truth.  “I didn’t build that!”  Obama didn’t do a damn thing, as usual.  This happened in spite of the Energy Department prohibiting off shore drilling and removing federal lands for drilling.  The governors of this country and the states are keeping this country going.  Obama can continue traveling around, since his absence is not noticed in the USA.

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