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‘Is everybody happy?’ asked Rudy Vallee

August 10, 2012

Harlem fun couple with raccoon coats and their Cadillac coupe were high society.

People want to enjoy life and be happy.  Our Declaration of Independence recognizes our “pursuit of happiness” as a reason to start a revolution!  I’m sick and tired of seeing people sick and tired of being miserable.  We are ready to have some happy times! Yes, we see Jersey Shore with t-shirts and tattoo decorations and God forbid body piercing metal stuff.  I say this couple from the 1920’s displays more class in having fun!  The Roaring Twenties was jazz, raccoon coats, excessive fun that started to get choked by the “do gooders” who want to stick their nose in everybody’s business.  PROHIBITION didn’t stop drinking alcohol but moved the parties underground, and made millionaires of machine gun hoodlums.  Okay, the do gooders of today are pretty lame and inept.  Reduce salt, reduce size of cups for soda, blah, blah, blah.  Farmers became moon shiners, black smiths built stills for them, and even with the DEPRESSION the parties continued with moon shine. Rudy Vallee was one symbol of the times with his megaphone, saxophone, and playing at parties and clubs.  He lived a long life and had a lot of fun.  I  think the Jersey Shore celebrity light will dim and go dark because talent and style are missing.  We need a return to style, and having fun.  May have to get  my own raccoon coat.  My coon hound can help me stack up some pelts.  “Is everybody happy?”  Let’s have fun.

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