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Olympics should include government officials!

August 5, 2012

Senator Reid asked Pelosi to demonstrate her claw ninja attack.

Which country can win the Olympics?  We should ask those in the executive branch and the legislative branches of government to compete.  No rules, no penalties, just wide open wrassling, kicking, gouging, spitting will be allowed (just like in politics).  Abe Lincoln was an able wrestler with sinewed muscles from splitting wood rails.  Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are experts on what everybody should be doing.  So it would be interesting to see what such experts can do to win the Olympics.  Probably nothing, just like they accomplished as legislators. They will enjoy grappling with the Islamic Brotherhood officials of Egypt.  Odds favor the Mongols since the elected officials spend more time horseback riding and doing physical work.  President Obama is practicing his baby lifting work. 

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