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“We can do better! There are folks looking for work.”

August 4, 2012

President is on tv again!

Why does President Obama have to be on television, all the time?  He’s boring and we heard it all before.  Unemployment went up to 8.3% but we added 160,000 jobs last month.  There’s only 15 million unemployed, so you people just have to wait.  It will only take 8 years at this rate for you all to get jobs. As much as the smug smart ass takes pride in such puny results, he has to tell us that “We can do better!”  Who is we?  Do you mean you can do better?  I doubt it.  It’s never your fault.  It’s never your job to work for the people.  Obama has to tell us; “There are folks looking for work.”  That is the same as telling us, Michelle is still finding ways to stick her nose in our refrigerator.  That is the same as telling us that Eric Holder is still looking to put in jail the mortgage crooks that robbed us. Who are “folks”?  Is President pretending to be folksy?  This guy just annoys me, and the “folks” are getting tired of waiting 8 years for a job.  Think we can do better with Romney, and it won’t take 8 years to create enough jobs for families to stay together.  Obama has destroyed more homes, more marriages, and more families than any President.  The commercial news media should be giving updates on homeless families with children walking the streets.  Obama can do better.  He better just leave.

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  1. August 4, 2012 1:23 pm

    News media can’t report on homeless……..only when a Republican in the White House are there homeless……impossible when a Dem is there…..haven’t you been listening for the past 32 years……..homeless be reported on began with Reagan and only when Bush one and 2 where presiden did we have homeless….amazing how they all go away when it is a Dem making them homeless.
    Good read, thanks again.

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