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Propaganda from worker’s paradise sounds familiar?

August 4, 2012

Celebrating the economic collapse of communist countries!

President Obama has been gushing and demanding the USA become more like communist China?  Yes, the new solution for Obama is to make the USA a communist country, just like China!  To remember a great showman P.T. Barnum “A sucker is born every minute!” Does anyone have a clue as to the huge debt China is carrying to spend its way from the stone ages into the new century?  Nobody does, because they don’t report government debt figures to anyone.  Of course, Obama is trying to do the same with some interesting accounting and his most ambitious goal, forget about the budget! Russia couldn’t make toilet paper, or bring safe food to grocery stores to those blessed with the good fortune to be alive in this “worker’s paradise”.  Vodka, cigars, and promises of a better future was all the government  could promise those weary of living in the worker’s paradise.  Nikita Kurschev is hoping his promise to bury us may finally be handled by Obama. 

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