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Winston Churchill is haunting Obama

July 31, 2012

How can a dead man be Obama’s biggest problem?

Winston Churchill smoked cigars, drank cocktails, wine, and had an ample waist line.  He’s my idol.  For some reason, Obama dislikes the only world leader that single-handed fought off the Hitler onslaught while we waited and watched.  He had the janitor haul away the bust of Churchill that had a place of honor in the Oval Office.  Seems no one can agree where is Winston!  Oh, no!  We never shipped his head back to England.  Well maybe we did.  Well maybe we don’t know. If you didn’t like him and shipped back his head, then just say it!  For Pete’s sake it’s a stinking sculpture.  If  Obama has a bust of Chairman Mao and Stalin in his office instead, then that’s his business.  Heard he did take out his Putin bust after Obama got the big put down from Russia calling him an idiot in public, or maybe just stupid. I personally honor and revere Winston Churchill who saved England and the civilized world by dogged determination to not allow a madman Hitler and his socialist party take over the world as dictator.  He was brilliant, brave, and faced his greatest challenges at an age when most are in a retirement happiness camp. When Obama finds out who leaked critical classified secrets to the new terror threat to the civilized world, then maybe he can also produce Churchill’s head.

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