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Obama plays with US fleet in his bath tub

July 30, 2012

US fleet Obama pushed into a bottle by Iran

Teddy Roosevelt was once Secretary of the Navy and I would trust his military judgement.  Obama is a community organizer who has military experience of telling military “Okay, kill this guy today.” Gunboat diplomacy is ancient tool of diplomacy.  Obama thinks he discovered a new idea to send the US fleet right by Iran.  So we got the US fleet in a bottle.  How effective are massive aircraft carriers in a bath tub?  Do you think the enemy will have any problem finding the war craft to target with missiles?  Iran doesn’t seem scared or ready to fold since he sent the fleet into suicide alley. I am not a military expert.  However, as an old chess player, I would never group my forces without an exit route.  What is the exit route, and how long will it take to get out from counter attack? Last, but not least, gunboat diplomacy is only effective if the opponent has reason to believe you will pull the trigger.  Right, that’s going to happen with Obama in charge.  Iran laughs, and continues their nuclear program full speed.  They did kill a lot of people after Obama revealed the computer hacker counter measure carried into the nuclear complex of Iran.  Time to get the fleet out of there.  Obama will never use them, and the Iranians may be crazy enough to attack the fleet with missiles.  As military expert, he should stick to watching the drone maps.

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