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Rest in peace our loyal devoted dog “Woody”

July 29, 2012

Woody and Poochie great pals

Woody was named by our sons who were TOYSTORY fans at the time he was picked up from a Keeshond breeder in Illinois 15 years ago.  We had a Keeshond “Molly” at that time who got purchased because she was dragging the purse of my hobo duchess when we visited a pet store.  She also was very talkative yipping and barking at us when we purchased her.  When we brought Woody home, Molly was happy and protective of the new man in the house. Woody grew up with our sons.  Our family loves being close to nature and Woody loved to get into the lake, roll in autumn leaves, and lay outside in a snow bank with no rush to get into the house.  He would look like a snow sculpture because Kesshond dogs have a triple coat of fur.  They don’t love hot weather, but we only have a few hot months in Wisconsin that he stayed out of the heat.  Otherwise, he was always walking around when the hobo duchess works in her gardens of flowers, filling the hummingbird feeders, or hanging out with the current menagerie of Millie our Treeing Walker Coonhound, and Poochie the shelter dog our young hobo son selected to save from the death chamber. Millie and Poochie are confused without Woody today.  I was in the Green Bay Chess Open Championship Saturday when I got the message that Woody wasn’t able to get up.  He was sleeping and wasn’t stirring.  When I came home it seemed he was more in a coma than sleeping.  Normally his paws are moving and he’s talking in his sleep over some adventure.  The vet called back to our son and said nothing much to do except what he was doing.  He laid out a foam pad and laid out a blanket folded double that he placed Woody to rest.  He had used a Gatorade squeeze bottle to give him water and set up his small fan from the bedroom near the make shift bed along the windows facing the lake. Woody was breathing and it wasn’t labored. Today while at the chess tournament, Woody stopped breathing.  The shovels were put to work on a hillside facing the lake.  We laid Woody to rest in his blanket. Millie and Poochie miss their buddy and are very quiet today.  Millie always insisted that everyone had to go out as a pack every time she bugged me to take them out.  She would always run up to Woody to wake him up from his naps, and he would always get up and follow.  Friday, I remembered that like everyday, Woody would jump from the 3rd step down to the ground instead of walking the steps out the door.  He never complained, and was always together with his pack.  Woody was a brave, loyal, devoted guard of my sons, and companion of my hobo duchess.  He was the dog every night and the only dog that always kept barking at the hobo duchess until all the dogs were fed.  The other dogs would just sit and watch as he kept barking to get their food.  It was funny and a tradition of Woody.  I am proud to remember a great dog who meant much more to our family.

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  1. July 29, 2012 3:39 pm

    You have my sympathy…….I understand the love…it isn’t easy.

  2. July 29, 2012 5:08 pm

    He lived a long life and a healthy one too. He actually kept much more active because of our younger dogs Millie who is 3 and Poochie who is 4. Every time Millie would be chasing Poochie, or Poochie chasing Millie, Woody would try to get in the game, but usually just barked. They loved him and kept him young.

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