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Bill Ayers disappointed on Colorado bombs

July 22, 2012

Bombs are Bill’s preferred method of killing.

Bill Ayers was a “street fighter” wannabe with a group he called Weathermen that nobody remembers.  He talked his buddies from college into building bombs to kill soldiers in Fort Dix area.  They didn’t do too well, and his buddies blew themselves up.  I don’t shed a tear over this.  Anyway, he never was convicted of being a sick bomb building leader of a movement nobody cares about.  However, he never shuts up and as a “professor” has done more damage than any bomb with his weak-minded instruction in revolutionary methods of warfare. The wannabe bomber in Colorado that killed by guns in the movie theater, followed the brilliant ideas of Ayers.  He wanted to kill for some unknown reason that is silly and won’t change a thing in the world.  Bill Ayers deluded himself that bomb killing was a revolutionary act that would change the world.  Bill Ayers is fundamentally silly and sees himself as the center of the universe.  Nobody cares about Bill Ayers, except himself. Anybody that appoints himself justified in killing randomly people to prove something doesn’t need to waste time on a trial.  The families affected deserve an opportunity to have a in person “discussion” face to face with the perpetrator without the intrusion of police to interrupt their time together.  Maybe President Obama should bring Bill Ayers with him on the visit to Colorado to console the families.

Bill wants money so don’t read his captialist money grubbing book “Fugitive Days Ayers” on his death defying adventures as a leader of a movement nobody cares about.  Anybody remember Abbie Hoffman with his famous book “Steal This Book”?

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