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Why kill for attention? How can anyone get that twisted?

July 21, 2012

In the depths of despair we seek solace and comfort from God.

The senseless slaying of movie goers in Colorado by a self-appointed  assassin makes no sense.  He was way above average intellectual intelligence.  He was smart.  But was he a member of society, or an outsider looking in?  Whether a lone bull elephant or a lone wolf,  animal or man we are all meant to be living together in a society.  The trap of brilliance is to cut yourself off from the real world.  We need to be around regular people.  We need to rub elbows at a saloon, swim at the beach, and just be with everyday people.  Sure baseball is boring, but I love going to waste a day at a ball park with all kinds of people.  How about fishing? Anyone living in isolation in a city full of people can get goofy ideas and hostile to people.  Go to a neighborhood bar on a Friday night and just have a few beers with everyday people.  We can only survive together, and that means including strangers by saying hello.  You don’t have to become friends for life, just be sociable.    From drinking together in a Munich beer hall with strangers who like beer, from going to a concert in Chicago with strangers who like the same music,  we all need to enjoy life and enjoy meeting people.  Huddled over a computer screen in a fantasy world is not meeting people and rubbing elbows with everyday society.  Jesus came to die for the least of us to enter heaven.  Why should we act better than someone else?

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