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I’m not following Obama because he’s lost and don’t know it.

July 19, 2012

Colonel Davy Crockett is a heroic figure who blazed a trail with heroic efforts.

Our president laughs and sneers at the old ways that are failing us now.  President claims he knows the way out of this dark and dreary wilderness.  Seems he’s lost and claims he’s blazing a new trail.  It’s a trail that will end in despair and destruction.  We know a lot of pioneers failed in blazing a new trail.  I don’t need to get a lot of arrows and hardships to wind up worse than we are right now! I prefer to have a professional guide.  I like dealing with someone who has been through hard times and challenges and found there can be better days ahead.  President is free to blaze the pioneer trail on his own.  Anybody volunteering on his cruise ship into the Bermuda Triangle?  Anybody wants their future based on what he promises us now?  How about finding a few jobs for the new millions entering adulthood into the work force on top of our unemployed? Sure, Davy Crockett is ancient history.  It’s a history that is fact that proves we are a country who sacrifice and strive to better ourselves and our families future.  If we choose to ignore history and our accomplishments, then what is the plan for our future?  Where is the map and compass president is using?  Don’t think he knows how to read a map, or use a compass, or find a job for anyone.

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