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President Obama telling stories about better days someday.

July 14, 2012

I loved Uncle Remus stories in Song of the South.

President Obama talked to some bonehead television personality or is that a reporter?  Anyway, for some reason, Obama thinks we need more stories to inspire us.  Fidel Castro would talk for 3 hours!  That was some powerful talking about Cuba, with nothing good to talk about.  Except their excellent health care system that Michael Moore uses for him and his cheap skate liberal millionaires. Will Obama entertain us like Uncle Remus?  Or will he bore us and depress us, like his NCAA predictions on ESPN?  We know he’s not 100% black, and I’m afraid it’s the white in him that goofs up his basketball skills.  Reverend Wright was a powerful speaker, until Obama drove him away for being too honest for Obama.  Tell me a story, Obama.

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