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We all deserve welfare check and food stamps! Who pays for all this?

July 13, 2012

We found a few more voters who aren’t on food stamps or welfare!

How are we supposed to enjoy life with the meager welfare checks and food stamp debit card?  This is a rich country with rich people.  I got no plans on working.  I can collect welfare, claim disability with social security since work gives me a head ache, but cannot afford to eat at a fancy steak house with my food stamp debit card.  My plan is to join the Occupy movement, and get paid by the AFLCIO to protest and carry whatever stupid sign they want.  We are getting paid by the tax payers to complain and picket to get more benefits for not working.  What a country! I refuse to beg for handouts, but I might beg for cash on the side where you can collect $50,000 in a city sidewalk spot annually.  My vote is for sale, just promise me more of tax payer money.

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