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Obama sends our first “black” vice president Biden in his place to NAACP

July 11, 2012

President too busy to attend NAACP conference, sends brother Biden.

Joe Biden is the first black vice president!  B.O. was too busy to visit the black folk, but sent his official black vice president Biden. So let’s drink another round, because we got Joe Biden to tell the plantation black folk how they are supposed to vote.  The poster boy of 1% Mitt Romney saw fit to actually express his views in person and to dissent of the audience.  Yes, minority unemployment is much worse than national average.  This is not a reflection or insult to blacks.  This is a sign of how little action or inaction is the order of the day for Obama.  Romney can focus on tax incentives to have factories and offices in depressed areas with too many unemployed.   I rather have someone tell me to my face what he thinks.  I don’t even want to know what Joe Biden thinks in that scrambled little mind. So here’s one for the road to President Obama.  You never bought a round of drinks that we didn’t pay for.  So get out, and don’t show up for a freeloading drink again.  Get on the road and just keep going back to Hawaii.  Bye, bye Obama.

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