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Another shovel of dirt on our grave?

July 7, 2012

Our president needs 4 more years to finish the job!  What job?  I remember the hope for those trillion dollars of stimulus to start “shovel ready” jobs.  Then smart ass smirked and giggled that he didn’t create those shovel ready jobs after the money was wasted.  Now he demands we let him finish his job.  What job?

The only shovel ready job he is doing is putting our economy into the grave.  He’s throwing another shovel load of dirt on top of us and burying any hope we had.  I’m not ready for the grave or for his help.  I’m walking out on his leadership to doom.

This hobo ain’t riding his train anymore.  I’m tired of his promises, his excuses, his blaming everybody.  Where the hell is his “Jobs czar”?  His helping us is hiring more White House staff of paper shufflers.  What about putting CountryWide crooks in jail?  Can Eric Holder get his head out of his butt?  What about throwing the GSA million dollar party people getting fired?  What about explaining why we’re paying taxes now for health care benefits that just start in 2014? This is the same  paying for a car now that I don’t get to drive for 2 years.

Obama can become caretaker of the Carter Museum of failed presidents.

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