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Obama got his hand in my pants again!

July 5, 2012

TAX!  The government demands money to pay for something they haven’t started and haven’t defined yet.  Yes the “Healthcare Initiative” or Obama-care starts sometime in 2014.  But the taxes start NOW!  Can GM start collecting on a car loan I will buy in 2014?

So shoving their hand into my trouser pocket for loose change is the new tax thievery.  We are so confused, don’t assume Obama and his crew have any clue on how anything will work.  They expected the law to be over turned so they wouldn’t have to do any work.  Now they actually have to make this new law work!  They got no idea what the new law requires or delivers.  Nancy Pelosi might even read the law now.

Nikita Khrushchev promised all communists better health care. No food or money though!

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