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Celebrate our Independence Day to exercise our freedom!

July 4, 2012

July 4, 2012 invites all to celebrate our freedom in the USA!

It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor if you are a citizen of the USA.  We all are free to pursue our dream.  Not everyone can make their dream come true.  But everyone can have a dream that guides them forward. Motto of the great state of Wisconsin is “FORWARD”!    I have never been more proud or optimistic of Wisconsin.  Governor Walker did not gripe about the “recall” election that detracted from time spent managing our state.  Too many busy body trouble makers stirred up the citizens and demanded we use an unusual tactic to try to “recall” a popularly elected governor by a majority of the citizens.  Normally, a recall is only for corruption and criminal actions that threaten the state.  However, sore losers demanded another chance to prove they could not win, again.  Glad the citizens of Wisconsin knew that wasting time and money being a sore loser does not change the outcome.  Walker got a bigger margin of victory on this recall. We will celebrate our freedom and our rights as citizens in the great state of Wisconsin in the greatest country in the world.  God bless the USA.  I will smoke a cigar, drink a beer, barbecue hamburgers, and then hop on our pontoon to watch fireworks from the lake.

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