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Sugar Daddy Obama has sweet dreams

June 17, 2012

“What me worry?” Obama got new idea?

It’s Father’s Day.  The Father of our Country George Washington tried a new idea with his countrymen.  A Republic that bestowed civil rights upon all citizens.  We rose from the debt and ashes of a Revolution and have endured wars, enemies, and times of doubt.  Sugar Daddy Obama says the old ideas have failed us.  Who says?  Oh, the President that promised to solve our economic calamities is now telling us throw out the baby with the bath water.  So what is the “new idea” he struts about bragging to us?  Solyndra solar panel is bankrupt, our electric VOLT is setting records for cars NOT being sold (next to Edsel track record), and what did we get for a trillion dollars “stimulus” from our Treasury? So now Obama wants to tear apart Mexican illegal immigrant families?  The teen ager to 30-year-old can get a work permit. The parents and older must be deported?  And what is the worker permit get you?  HELLO!  This economy can’t employ our citizens and you want to allow unemployed illegal young men and women to suffer poverty in the USA as a favor to them?  Politicians get elected on promises and leave with alibi’s per Will Rogers.

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