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Obama finds a new idea in shovel jobs?

June 16, 2012

These 4 fellows posed for a shovel picture in 1934.

FDR wanted everyone to feel like they were contributing and mattered to our country.  This publicity picture showed the most primitive basic type of work.  Hand shoveling does not require a strong mind, only a strong back.  No one should feel demeaned by doing such physical labor, but we don’t need 20 million shovelers all shoveling right now in the USA.  However, Obama smirks that only he has the brilliance to have a new approach to create shovel ready jobs.  Shovel jobs go back to 1934, but glad Obama thinks he discovered a brilliant new idea.  Not sure Obama understands how anyone has a job and don’t think he understands how to do his job.  Maybe he should grab a shovel himself?  It’s getting pretty deep so he might need to shovel out some bull byproduct.

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