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President Obama promise for “shovel ready” jobs to Ohio is old.

June 14, 2012

President Obama was in Ohio today campaigning for voters to keep him living like a king for another 4 years.  He was off to Manhattan for a millionaire cocktail party to collect cash to buy votes.  Anyhow, he laughed at the “old outdated out of touch ideas” that won’t make the economy better.  Really?  How about Solyndra solar panel jobs that are long gone now with our tax money?

The stimulus bill he signed into law was intended to create jobs by funding work projects that were in his terms “shovel ready”.  He chose to eloquently defend and explain why he printed money we didn’t have and spent money we couldn’t afford for “shovel ready jobs”.  How many people do you personally know work shoveling?  How many of our industries rely upon shovels?

From all of the millions unemployed, how many got the word that you need a shovel to get a job?  The bright future and new idea of improving economy is to get a shovel in everyone’s hand?  Obama says his opposition is out of date?  Don’t recall hearing that Romney promises a job to shovel for everyone as a solution.  Obama does know how to shovel manure.

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