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Washington D.C. security leaks means people are dying right now

June 9, 2012

Public relation press leaks to brag about our secret operations kills those involved.

The USA has been under constant attack by enemies of freedom and our republic.  Many more sacrificed their lives, their security and safety to burrow into enemy camps to discover the growing dangers.  The flood of secret information in our public media is providing support to our enemies.  As they seek out the informants and spies of the USA and our allies, now terrorists can focus to match up people connected to these leaked covert operations.

The amazing thing is the lack of outrage and urgency from the White House on these leaks. These New York Times front page stories of the innermost secret operations ongoing gives comfort and detailed information to our enemies!  What about a firing squad getting ready to handle these sources of leaks?  Treason is the same as pulling the trigger of the gun aimed by our enemies at the USA.

Why would anyone want this published?  Perhaps someone anxious to be recognized as heroic and brave who is a coward and hiding when danger is near wants to be seen as a brave warrior.  We welcome Eric Holder great success in finding the source of these treasonous acts.  However, since Eric Holder can’t seem to find the people in his own department that helped kill our own police officers with illegal drug gun sales in “fast and furious”, why should we have any confidence his search finds anything?  Or worse, he will send a janitor to the firing squad as the master mind scape goat to end the search for security leaks.  How about Joe Biden as a start with his big mouth as a first suspect?

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  1. June 10, 2012 7:37 am

    It’s a crime against our country to harbor criminals, unless it’s a political fund raiser for Obama. Hope our president finds time to ask Holder if he’s actually doing something to investigate the traitors who have given aid and comfort to our enemies. Reblogged this on Hoboduke Nonsense.

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