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“The Economy is fine!” I mean you know I know “It’s not fine!” WHAT IS IT?

June 8, 2012

Job seekers anxious to enter job fair in New York City this June.

For some reason President Obama felt compelled to have a press conference.  These folks unemployed and anxious to find work did not have time to listen to his television propaganda.  He didn’t know what to say, so he kept talking anyway because he knows he’s so damn smart.  Today I heard him say “of course everyone knows the economy is fine” and his teleprompter did not tell him to say that.  The problem is we are not hiring enough state employees that the states cannot afford to pay anyway. It seems everyone started laughing around the country and the president had to go back on television right away. “of course we all know the economy is not fine.  if only congress would work with him.”  Everybody would like President Obama to work as a start.  Then he can tell other people to work.  He’s acting like he doesn’t have a job that we are  paying him to do.  He wants congress to do his work for him.  Welcome to reality professor.

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