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The Ballad of “Jimmy” Carter

June 5, 2012


Jimmy was jogging home for supper when a safety curb struck him down.

Jimmy Carter was born in Plains Georgia in 1924 and blazed a trail for the mess we’re still in today.  The social scene in our nation’s capital had to endure morality lecturing on the evils of drinking spirits and being a cheap skate in general.  Many remember his fainting from heat stroke while jogging, and his near fatal attack by a swamp rabbit swimming toward his boat.  Don’t know how brilliant he ranked on his IQ, but lacked the common sense of a hobo.  His brother Billy endorsed some swill called Billy Beer that was banned from Wisconsin for import.  We take beer very seriously in Wisconsin.

Jimmy solution to high energy prices and limited supply was to reduce the speed limit to 55 mph, and turn down thermostats to freeze in the winter.  That didn’t solve anything, didn’t help anything, and shutting off landmark lighting made it look like we were shutting down the country.  A complete nincompoop and the most ineffective leader I had the misery to endure.  That is until now.

The ballad of Obama is waiting to be written, but I look forward with great anticipation.  Carter and Obama make it hard to choose as to which one is more of a complete waste of time.




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