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President Obama pretends he’s Sammy Davis Jr.

May 31, 2012

Sammy Davis Jr was a globe-trotting jet setting entertainer.

President Obama wants to be sure to win the favor of Jewish Democrats.  Unfortunately, one of the defining crises for those of Jewish ancestry was the Nazi Holocaust that had the elimination of all Jews as their goal.  It seems history was not the biggest priority of Obama in school while smoking weed, and sniffing blow.  Of course, why would Poland be considered the villain by Obama?  Maybe he holds a vendetta against Uncle Stosh we blog about. The Jewish population has to be scratching their head on how stupid is this president.  I loved Sammy Davis Jr conversion to Judaism as the freedom of religion we enjoy in the USA.  Lots of luck in  a Islam society with that choice to stay alive.  Has Obama attended any Jewish ceremony in sympathy with their beliefs?

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