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President sent FBI to check on his money!

May 29, 2012

No way I’m going to lose a nickel of my money!

When the word on the street about JP Morgan had to do with losses on investments, then our President sprang to action!  He lit a fire to get FBI to check on his millions stashed at JP Morgan.  Since he never had any cash before becoming President, he is not about to lose his few millions.  For somebody so damn smart, it seems pretty dumb to put all of your money in a bank.  No way would I keep all of my money in a bank.  But then I didn’t get millions after I became President either.  Where did he get those millions?  Oh yeah, he wrote those national best sellers that I never bought and won’t read. Anyway, where is it written that no company can ever lose money?  How about Solyndra?  Why is it okay for the USA to lose money, but it’s not okay for a bank to lose on some investments?  Banks can only make money, and the government can only lose money according to our President.  Remember GSA parties in Las Vegas? His personal money is more important than our tax money being shoveled down a hole.   Anyway, he can count his money like Ebenezer Scrooge after he gets voted out.  His charitable donations are about the same as a bum.  When they pass the plate in church, they can hear those coins clanking when he pitches in.

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