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Obama can’t win on economy but he can pretend he supports gay marriage!

May 9, 2012

Did you see BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN movie?

President Obama is busy confusing everybody on what’s more important.  Women getting medical attention, (which is sexist slang for getting an abortion) became an attack on Republicans.  No Republicans planned on outlawing abortions, but that doesn’t matter!  Now, Obama who campaigned and was elected proclaiming the importance of traditional marriage has changed his mind.  Obama and Biden spent a weekend watching BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN and have a new perspective on same-sex marriage. Romney has to be wondering if Obama can find other issues that distract from the 800 pound gorilla in our face.  If you are a pregnant woman whose significant other is unemployed she might decide on abortion.  If you are planning for future happiness with a same-sex partner, then being unemployed denies your dream.  The economy is our problem!  The government spending like drunken sailors and throwing out checks to crooks and scoundrels is cause to indict our executive branch.  What women are protesting they cannot get birth control or an abortion?  Poor women and poor spouses deny children a good home and a good future.  Poor same-sex partners have no future if they can’t afford to live together.  Obama approach to getting elected is to keep yelling; “Hey, look over there!”  He cannot face reality of what he has done  to us.  So how many “gay” people are in our population from census?  5% or 25%?  What about the 20% looking for work straight or gay?

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