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Obama praises Romney family and calls him an idiot!

May 6, 2012

What’s wrong with success?

President Obama wants to make sure that everyone knows he is civil and moderate in his campaign speechifying!  He likes the Romney family.  Why?  Has he invited them to the White House to check out their future home?  Obama acknowledges that Romney did something to make money, and Obama thinks that’s okay.  But now, wait a cotton picking minute!  Romney is carrying old ideas that have failed before!  Why don’t Obama dust off the Bill Clinton ideas and get some jobs for the USA?  Obama has new ideas!  Like the NEW DEAL from the 1930’s is a new idea?  Obama shared an important fact only he knows with the voters on his never-ending campaign.  Romney only cares about rich people, and  you poor folks can never be rich because “the man” will keep you down!

Whatever happened to the President’s State of the Union speech this year?  “Send me the bill.  I’ll sign it!”  So whatever happened to the “Jobs Bill” that got passed and  Obama  signed it.  Did he sign a new idea or an old idea?  It’s confusing.

Obama enjoys calling out the members of Congress for loafing and not working as hard as Obama.  Wow, that is the pot calling the kettle black!  Oh, what about a budget for the government?  What the heck, we didn’t need a budget for the last 3 years.  It’s only a few trillion dollars more he’ll spend with no accounting for it.

We enjoy Obama’s new approach to learning how to be present at the Executive Branch of our government.  It’s very hard to act as President when out for campaign fund-raisers, on television shows, on golf courses, on vacations, and traveling so often he wore out AirForce One.

We got people weary of war, discouraged enough to stop looking for a job, and homeless children crying because their parents can’t live in a home.  Our current president has no clue on his big new ideas.   We don’t need a new idea.  Just look at Canada.  They had the same problems we do, and they are way past us on their jobs and progress!  Look North and use what works.  We don’t need new ideas.  I like Romney as someone who knows how to win, and doesn’t promise bold new ideas.  We need practical solutions.

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