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May Day 2012 is a great day to volunteer charitable works!

April 30, 2012

President Obama has decided that 9/11 should forever be a day of charitable works and public service.  Why should  May Day be treated as a sacred memorial?  Does anybody remember May 4, 1886 in Chicago?  Haymarket square was the location  union workers were peacefully protesting to limit the work day to 8 hours as a union right.  Then a community organizer threw a lit stick of dynamite at the police  maintaining crowd control.  (Billy Ayers great-grandfather perhaps was the bomber?)  Scores of people were injured, 7 police were dead and so were 4 members of the crowd.  Anarchists were convicted for creating a deadly confrontation.  For some reason the Occupy pretenders want to solemnly commemorate the 1886 incident in Chicago by protesting in New York?  Why not volunteer cleaning up community park areas that were polluted and trashed by previous Occupy Wall Street folks?  Who is going to get into a frenzied mob about 1886 mayhem initiated by anarchists?

We are anxiously awaiting Biden to pick up garbage with the Occupy groups.  We long to hear words of wisdom from our President on volunteering public service instead of becoming another public nuisance.  9/11 is now just a date to volunteer in a soup kitchen or haul out garbage.  So should May Day.

It is more than boring to talk about the 99%.  We are the 100% USA crowd.  And we will include our President in that 100%, even though he lives high on the hog like the 1%.

How about justice for the USA in regard to criminal proceedings on all those that contributed to the conspiracy that ruined our mortgage markets and real estate?  What is Eric Holder doing to bring to justice the so-called 1% that took their profits?  If President Obama is so incensed on being fair and square, round-up and bring to trial all those manipulators of the mortgage market and sank the real estate value for millions of innocent victims in the USA.  What is Holder doing to bring justice?  We have the bank audits, the facts, and we know who was involved.

We might look into the crimes of mortgage robber barons.

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