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Top dog at 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner

April 29, 2012

Uggie was brought to White House Correspondents Dinner?

White House Correspondents are supposed to be people from news media.  So why did the dinner become more of a circus event than a night out for the news media to have a little fun?  Why did this become a Hollywood event for self promoters and big donors?  Kim Kardashian was at this event??!  Diane Keaton wore a pant suit and another goofy hat???!  We have gone to the dogs.  My apologies to dogs in using this expression. It turns out biggest attraction at the 2012 evening out for lost celebrities was this dog Uggie.  It makes sense to me to include a dog at this event.  The news media often are lap dogs for President Obama.  News media spends as much time marking their territory as a dog, and unlike a dog, I would much rather bring home a lost dog, than a lost reporter. Anyway, it’s great that the President is working on his Borscht Belt material of jokes and becoming the Don Rickles of socialism.  We wish him well with his foray into entertainment.  His current reign as the architect of hope and change has nobody laughing. Don’t wait for a standing ovation begging for more.  Time to take the final curtain call on the worst script ever for 4 years of endless excuses, complaints, and “Bush did it”. I can honestly be grateful that I did not have to endure this night of fun.

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