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Vote for Obama because he killed Osama!

April 27, 2012

It’s confusing to keep track of what goes on during the president election campaign!  President is bragging on how he’s killing people for us.  The drones are bombing and shooting, our troops get opportunity to collect purple hearts and would rather be in combat than endure a pep talk from President.  Just like President Clinton, President Obama is having fun bombing, shooting rockets, and strutting around while losing diplomatic negotiations that take away our jobs.  He wants to cut the defense budget, while blowing up more equipment while getting his picture taken in military meetings.

We have flown the flag at half-staff too many times in Wisconsin for our sons and daughters dead in foreign lands.  You get numb thinking about how many young lives and grieving families we have in our state.  With the fullness of their future before them, young lives are sacrificed in service.

So now the President who won’t bother to participate in the pledge of allegiance or honor our flag during our national anthem, is puffing out his chest because our military performed.  How did Senator Obama help and support our military?  Seems the ledger is a goose egg, zero.

Congratulations to President Obama who takes pride in his killing Osama Bin Laden.  His foreign diplomacy with Pakistan who sheltered and shielded Osama didn’t help at all.  His foreign diplomacy threatening the new government of Afghanistan got him a lot of nothing.  Maybe he should start a world war to really prove his worth?  He seems to be leading us closer to a world war than to peace anywhere.

It’s nostalgia time for bomb shelters and crouching under desks at school to come back, thanks to our current president.

Ignore the flag, who cares about our national anthem in USA?

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  1. April 27, 2012 7:19 pm

    You got it right on button, again. Amen to your blog……great insite.

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