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We got to get out of this place!

April 22, 2012

The Animals sang songs of the working class struggles.

Music has a unique way to touch your soul while expressing your misery and sorrow.  We all want to improve ourselves.  Some choose to struggle against the barriers and denied opportunities.  Eric Burdon and The Animals were part of the English music invasion from the 1960’s.  I loved their songs chosen and the ability to connect on my emotions and concerns. We got to get out of this place!  Their book of music was close to the struggles and sorrows of those seeking to get out of poverty and the life sapping routine of menial labor that requires heavy physical effort.  The Animals also draw from the American music genius of blues from Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf and the Chess Records that were not mainstream USA.Our struggles today are much tougher than during the 1060’s.  We need to draw from the strength and inspiration that can only come from our soul.  I mean soul both metaphysical life source form God, and “soul” from the music scene.  The Godfather of Soul James Brown is sorely missed today.  Most of the rap scene today follows the path he blazed, but even if he was a “Sex Machine” he didn’t sing about women like hookers or objects.  His break out song “Poppa’s Got a Brand New Bag” was acknowledgement of men needing to accept the change of culture from the “women’s liberation movement”.  Listen to some Animals and James Brown.  We got to get out of this place, and we’ll need a new bag to travel.

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