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Ted volunteers to die or go to jail for President Obama

April 19, 2012

Democrats applaud Nugent promise to drop dead and are angry!

Living off the wilderness in Michigan is a pioneer spirit known as Ted Nugent.  Ted is of the opinion that President Obama won’t get his vote for a 2nd term.  He expressed his opinion during a NRA rally of citizens supporting hunting and self-defense priorities for legal residents of our country.  (Eric Holder as Attorney General has done a fine job of funneling illegal weapons to illegal immigrant drug dealers so their gun rights seem secure.) The Secret Service interviewed Ted Nugent in response to his offer to be dead or in jail if Obama serves a 2nd term.  It would seem paranoia may be exaggerated to worry about our civil rights due to policies of Obama and Holder.  The problem that protecting our civil rights under Holder seems more like Barney Fife is protecting us.  But the words of Nugent have many Democrat politicians wondering how to turn this into an attack on the President.  I am more concerned on the actions of our government and not the words that don’t match what they do.  GSA blowing money, and a budget that shovels more money down the government hole. My co0nhound would love to visit Ted’s outdoor camp any day for a bear hunt.  Anyway, when I hear politicians huffing, puffing, and claiming moral outrage is like a skunk spraying their perfume when flushed out.

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  1. hardrock45 permalink
    April 20, 2012 1:56 pm

    Your ending with the skunk comment is perfect. Very good.

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