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Get a load of this! Happy Days will be here again!

April 15, 2012

Celebrations are coming soon!

Let’s spend a few minutes to appreciate the beauty of our country, and the dedications of our citizens to uphold our heritage!  The free loaders, chiselers, cheaters, and “you owe me” crew will soon be shown the door after November elections.  I plan on starting my celebrations all this Spring and Summer.  I know I will be working this Fall, so let’s enjoy ourselves now. The exodus won’t be noticed by most of us, because our current leadership has done nothing for most of us for 3 years.  The people who got help are not better for their experience.  Need we bother to remember the fiasco on H1N1 flu pandemic NATIONAL EMERGENCY scare with a shortage of medicine and disorganized delivery?  How about Hurricane Katrina folks that got helped by our federal executive branch?  (What are they doing with $20 billion dollars anyway?) Forget about the job panels and endless committee hearings to improve job hiring.  Forget about the energy panels that will take 20 years for their report.  So load up on optimism, barbecue, picnics, and beach bon fires to get in a festive mood. My hope is that the change is coming!

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