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PRAVDA claims “American Media threatened into silence”

April 9, 2012

You media puppets dance to my tune, and laugh at my lame jokes!

Why is PRAVDA concerned on Obama manipulation of commercial news media?  We know PRAVDA is an extension of the Russian propaganda machine.  We also know our commercial news media claim to be impartial and only report the “news”?  Really? Anyway, President Obama can appreciate that the Russian propaganda machine are happy to get dirty little secrets out of the dark and into the light.  Pravda wants to focus on the GET SMART “cone of silence” he has dropped over the media to avoid focusing on his many gaffes and lapses of phony facts quoted as if from the Bible or the Quran.  The  comedy GET SMART was brighter than Obama crew. It would be great to have the President stay out of the country for the rest of this year using up our money as much as he and Michelle want.  He certainly won’t be in the country during June when the Supreme Court decision on his only claim to fame is struck down by the court.  We wish you bon voyage, and spend more of our money just stay away.  By the way, PRAVDA asserts that the Obama birth certificate is a fake and forgery of a foreigner pretending to be a citizen.

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