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Supreme Court is wondering how dumb is Holder’s staff.

March 28, 2012

These 3 stooges are smarter than Obama's crew!

The “Obamacare” bill is only 2700 pages of fine print.  What judge wouldn’t love to wade through this document?  And, the brilliant congressional leaders who said they would read it after it gets passed, like high priestess Pelosi.  Have any of them read it yet?  Probably not!  Our most brilliant minds in this current crop of congressional sponsors of this “abortion” in terms of a legislation product should take pride in this debacle. The Supreme Court would probably enjoy and find more merit in the 3 Stooges presenting the argument instead of the Obama crew.  Do you get the picture that the President has surrounded himself with people who match his intellect!  Yes, we know, it’s not a pretty picture. We should just pray and go to church more until we get through this fiasco.  2013 can’t come soon enough.

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