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What keeps going up all the time?

March 24, 2012

Ollie told Stan the big secret!Love the glory days of comedy with Stan and Ollie!  Ollie so self-confident of his mental superiority, that his bungling is always the fault of his partner Stan.  “Here’s another nice mess  you got me into!”  Of course it usually is Stan inadvertently making things worse, but we always love Stan’s amazement how the most simple project becomes so complicated.

I view our current President and Vice President following the management principles of Stan and Ollie.  You have to laugh and appreciate the depth of thought our executive branch brings to our major problems.  Food prices are going up.  Cut back on eating!  Gas prices are going up.  Cut back on gasoline use.  We don’t need more farming.  We don’t need more oil wells.

The reason this country is going is not because of our president.  It is because we have governors who are running their states for the citizens.  Our improvement in energy production has nothing to do with federal permits or federal land.  Private land and state land is the source of our recent improvement for oil.  Our president has done NOTHING except talk about energy.  Thank you governors for keeping our country going, and protecting our borders.  Our president is so smart, he knows them governors are dumb and interfering with his brilliant plan for the USA.

The only thing going up like crazy is government spending by the federal government, and hey we should feel guilty we aren’t paying enough in taxes!  I don’t see how the federal spending increase has helped anyone I know.

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