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Obama sneaks into Oklahoma talking big on oil?!

March 22, 2012

You know that pipeline I banned, well I think it's great Oklahoma told me to get lost!Do you ever wonder if you’re still drunk, when you know you should be sober?  No public is permitted to see him, the great one, Obama in Oklahoma.  Pay to see the “one, the only, OBAMA”!  He’s bragging about the welding work to be done by Oklahoma tradesmen on the pipeline that he banned?  Oklahoma decided their permits were in order, and full speed ahead, and don’t let the door hit you in your ass on the way out Prez.

Now, with gasoline near $5,00 per gallon, families who cannot pay for groceries and gasoline, now Obama is the biggest buddy to oil industry?  Who dat?  I been hit with the stupid stick a few times, but not even the Russian communist propaganda machine planted such a whopper!  Are we stupid, or is it him?  I’m so confused by everything he says, I don’t know what we’re doing.

I know Burger King raised their whopper meal by 3.9% from last week!  Counted out my coins, and cashier said yep prices up!  Since the government doesn’t count inflation of gas or food, then we must be doing good!  Just don’t try to eat, or drive a car anymore.  We’re almost as well off with Obama as with Jimmy Carter!

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