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Why people elect candidates they dislike!

March 18, 2012

Overwhelming total vote for Nixon 1972!

My fellow hobo followers, and the 1% who wish they were a hobo, I take you back to the impossible!  Nobody liked Richard M Nixon.  He was never popular.  He had “scandals” that are laughable by today’s measure of theft and skullduggery.  I was a young hobo in training when Richard Nixon was elected in 1968. He got my vote because he stopped the war in Viet Nam, and he started to get us back on the road with an oil program that includes the “shale oil” of today!  By the way, the shale oil that is now flowing would not have been anywhere without past efforts that are helping us today. Anyway, I would not invite Richard M Nixon to the hobo jungle for moonshine because he was not popular.  Hardly anybody “liked” Nixon.  They respected him doing what he promised in campaign, and they voted him back for reelection because he did what he said. I don’t vote for President anybody just because I “like” them.  How can you like a stranger?  Obama wants us to “like”  him.  Why?  People vote for people they respect, and who provide solutions not excuses.

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